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Lauren Anderson has captured the heart of American baseball star Reid Brignac


Lauren Anderson has captured the heart of American baseball star Reid Brignac
American model Lauren Anderson Aside from taking part in numerous photo shoots. 
And by getting married with the athlete, Lauren Anderson also became the symbol of Tampa Bay Rays, where Brignac plays, A Bola reports.
But now, the 32-year-old model has captured the heart of American baseball star Reid Brignac.
Anderson is also a passionate animal rights activist.

Samuel Eto’o. I hope that Messi wins the World Cup

Eto’o.I hope that Messi wins the World Cup
I hope that Messi wins the World Cup , Cameroon national football squad and Russia’s FC Anzhi Makhachkala striker Samuel Eto’o stated. I hope that he wins the World Cup with Argentina. 
The 31-year-old Cameroon international praised his former teammate from Spain’s FC Barcelona, Argentinean national squad and Barcelona striker Lionel Messi. “.To the gods of the world, all I ask is that you give him that chance because I have seen him grow, “Messi is a god, as a person and even more as a player” said Samuel Eto’o .

Football legend Pele and tennis star Roger Federer

Federer went to Pele’s residence in Brazil to exchange gifts
Football legend Pele and world No. 2-ranked tennis star Roger Federer met along the lines of a tennis exhibition tournament in Brazil. 
The aforesaid Sao Paulo competition also involves Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, Serena Williams, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, among others.
Pele was given a signed tennis shirt with a personal message from Federer, while in return he offered a signed 1960s-era blue Brazil shirt.“Roger Federer, you are a champion on the court and in life,” Pele wrote on his Twitter page, Daily Mail reports. .Federer went to Pele’s residence in Brazil to exchange gifts.

About political asylum and emigration

From time to time to me are different people who ask for political asylum in Britain.
They asked me to write a paper about that if they extradite them in Armenian prison and torture, that their life is threatened by a terrible danger in Armenia.
I tell scary stories about the families of these people may suffer, and small children are exposed to a daily danger because they are on their way to and from school. Wives of them forced to hide with relatives. and so on.
The Armenians, who were in Britain and want to stay here. I understand them: having received asylum, they will be able to stay here, work, receive money and live, in General, about the same as at home.
Strictly speaking, even and work does not necessarily: there are a variety of benefits and there are non-governmental organizations to assist in obtaining benefits. All right, all legally and officially. Oh, and if we add to this the possibility of small no legitimate earnings (for example, to receive unemployment benefit and found work at the nearest Bazaar), life starts to get light colors.
And I must add that appeal to me, as a rule, not they themselves, and attorneys who deal with their affairs, or human rights activists or sympathizers. These people communicate with me are very rare.
But not about this I am writing. And that for the nine years of my life I had to listen to London dozens of stories about the terrible crimes of the Armenian authorities and that "miraculously survived" and run away in Britain, at home in Armenia, may.
First, the frame came stories about murders, October 27, 1999 Parliament. Hiding from the wrath of the authorities were telling stories, of which the spirit was taking over.
Someone said he saw a videotape (and even was holding), where it was depicted as high officials of the Government of plotting the terrible killings. Cassette, naturally "disappeared", and saw this entry, ran, because everyone who saw this tape, may face death in agony.
No tapes, needless, in nature did not exist.
I admit, at first, take these people seriously. But when the fifth or sixth man approached me, talking, something like that, they say, is a close relative of an employee of the National Assembly, and a relative told him details of the crime. I even tested it a few times, and it turned out that these workers had never been in the National Assembly.
There was a man who told the British that he was one of the broadcasters and the operator stuck in Conference, when there was a terrorist attack, and that, while there, heard that ... (I later checked: the broadcaster that day was not sent back to the operator).
In short, at some point I realized that these people are just lying. And I was terribly hurt that they are trying to find confirmation of their lies from me, a man who survived assassination attempt and did not ask for political asylum.

Turkey again threw Russia

Before that, after the visit to Turkey by Russian President Vladimir Putin has passed at least a couple of weeks, Ankara hurried to bring unpleasant surprise to the Russian authorities. Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz told reporters that Ankara currently has no plans to take part in the South stream gas pipeline, intended to participate in the Nabucco pipeline projects West and where the TANAP is a shareholder, agency Salam News.
Sources say the Yildiz stated this on the sidelines of the event, dedicated to the start of construction of the South stream gas pipeline. Media Note that the project "South stream" single-mindedly and consistently supported and promoted by senior management and the Russian Government. And during the visit of Vladimir Putin, the issue also was paid a lot of attention. Turkey had previously repeatedly (since 2009) gave the go-ahead on exploration and other work in its black sea waters for the benefit of the project, in May 2010, has expressed willingness to participate in a project with certain conditions, and gave permission to December 29, 2011 construction and operation of South stream gas pipeline in its exclusive economic zone.
It is noteworthy that Ankara's denial message to join the South stream spread on the day when the Russian President in the presence of other dignitaries (including from Europe: General Manager of Eni (Italy), Paolo Scaroni, Chief Executive Officer of EDF (France) Henri Proglio, Chairman of the Board of Wintershall Holding GmbH (Germany), Rainer Seele, Chief Executive Officer of South Stream Transport (Germany) Marcel Kramer, General Director of Serbiagaz (Serbia) Dušan BaâtovičCEO Plinovodi d.o.o (Slovenia), Marjan Èberlinc, CEO of MVM (Hungary) Csaba Bailly and Executive Director of the Bulgarian energy holding EAD (Bulgaria) Mikhail Andonov) on a platform of Russian compressor station near Anapa (Krasnodar territory) in the ceremony started the construction of the South stream gas pipeline, the welding of the symbolic joint gas transportation systems in Russia and Europe.

Monkey in coat

Monkey in coat
Shoppers at the IKEA store in Toronto were shocked to spot a monkey dressed in a coat roaming the car park on Sunday, The Telegraph reported.
IKEA customer and Toronto resident Bronwyn Page was among the shoppers who caught a glimpse of the debonair creature.
Toronto police have said the seven-month-old monkey, named Darwin, escaped from its owner and managed to find his way outside.
The monkey is said to be in good health and is in the agency's care.
"There was a group of people around and a little thing on the ground... at first I didn't know what kind of animal it was or what it was and I was like 'oh my gosh, that's a monkey,'" said Ms Page.
She said she first thought the monkey was fake, but quickly learned otherwise as the animal began darting around the crowd and screaming.
"This is so bizarre. Like why is there a monkey at Ikea? Like I never expected to see that. I was pretty shocked," she added.
She said onlookers eventually managed to get Darwin inside and authorities were called to the scene to capture it.

10 most common nightmares

Writer and broadcaster Diane Brandon investigates sleep for many years and already deciphered the hundreds of dreams.
«It seems to me that our subconscious (the source of most, though not all our dreams) is an ally who is trying to restore us to our integrity and inner balance,» says Brandon.
This article contains explanations for the ten most common nightmares.
1. Disease or any emergencies related to health
That nightmare can be attributed to human fear before anything new and unknown that only enters his life. But other than that, it may mean catching a serious disease, and fear, and the fear that something could go wrong, as intended.
Sometimes the dream of sickness can be a warning that there is actually a disease, although the person about it and not yet suspects.
2. you are attacking or you are injured
This type of nightmare reflects fear of other people – for example, that people will not be able to fit you with a circle, or that it will criticize. Sometimes such a dream can be caused and the fear of direct violence. In order to properly interpret this dream, it is important to know what's really going on in a person's life during this period.
3. Problems with car
This dream may mean that people do not feel the strength to move forward in their lives, or even that he lost control of his own life.
Machine often symbolizes not just a means of transportation from place to place, and the ability to achieve something new in life.
4. Sink
That nightmare can mean that you're feeling down or have spent a lot of effort on a case, having received nothing in return. To explain this sleep it is important to take into account all the nuances that are present in it.
For example, if a man dreams that he is drowning, and no one is around, surrounded by several other people, and if it deliberately stoked--meaning can be quite different.
5. The Fall
A drop in the dream is a nightmare-there is the so-called or state transition state between sleep and waking. It's when we feel we're dropping, vzdragivaem, wake up and realize that slept.
These same nightmares with downs may reflect a fear of heights, fear of losing control of the situation, the feeling of lack of solid ground under their feet in life, or even fear of death.
6. Pull-down teeth
Man, that which is the night of the falling teeth, or feels that could not send his life back on track or that cannot cope with the task entrusted to him. In addition, such dreams can be a sign of uncertainty about social life, feeling or fear that Ukraine will expand incompetence in something.
For more precise interpretation of this dream needs to know what is going on in a person's life at this time.
7. Lose yourself
For children that nightmare can be scarier than for an adult, but it can be seen at any age.
For an adult it can mean a lack of firm support in life, that person does not know what to decide, and in which direction to move on.
8. Fill up the exam
This is a very common type of dreams, while details can be quite different. They can indicate that a person feels unprepared to anything or have not made important business properly. In addition, the examination in the dream could swamp man, feeling that must prove its viability or perceives his place, which is a mismatch.
Knowing what's going on in the life and work of a man who suffers from such nightmares, you can decode them more precisely. It is important also to take into account all the details of the dream.
Actors, for example, a very common dream that they go out on stage, without knowing the role.
9. Being naked in a public place
This nightmare often means that person is feeling vulnerable or defenseless, as if his secrets could become known to all, that he could not live up to expectations or doesn't deal with anything.
10. Prosecution
Many people in their sleep has to run away from anyone or anything. This generally means that a person feels depressed that it overtakes something which he studiously tried to avoid, or that he fears will not manage to do what is necessary.
To interpret this dream is important, as a man reliving what he dreamed of. Chase in a dream does not always cause discomfort, so they cannot be considered as nightmares.

South Africa's first black President Nelson Mandela

South Africa's first black President Nelson Mandela
This is said to be the first time officials have revealed why Mandela, 94, was rushed to a military hospital in the capital, Pretoria, on Saturday.
News of the hospital stay has reportedly prompted much concern in South Africa.
Mandela is responding to his treatment, Mr Maharaj added.
Tests showed a "recurrence of a previous lung infection", presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said.
The former president is revered at home and around the world for leading the struggle against white-minority rule before winning the country's first democratic elections in 1994.
In January 2011, he was treated for a serious chest infection.
He was last admitted to hospital in February when he was treated for abdominal pain.
He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

Syrian Kurds, who established control over some areas

Syrian Kurds, who established control over some areas
The US and Western European countries have agreed to provide military and financial assistance in the establishment of an independent Kurdish army, which, in their opinion, could prevent spread of radical Islam in Syria."The main goal of our army is to protect the territory of Syrian Kurdistan from any armed intervention, whether Assad's forces or Islamist militant groups," said Abbas.

Egypt braced for protests rival

Egypt braced for protests rival
Tuesday's demonstrations have been called by largely secular opposition groups and Islamists backing Morsi.
He also tried to calm public anger by annulling a decree boosting his powers.
But some rulings of the 22 November decree - which stripped the judiciary of any right to challenge his decisions - will stand.
He had earlier called in the army to maintain security and protect state institutions ahead of Saturday's vote, granting it powers to arrest civilians.
The general prosecutor, who was dismissed, will not be reinstated, and the retrial of former regime officials will go ahead.
The opposition National Salvation Front has said it will not recognise the draft constitution, as it was drafted by an assembly dominated by Mr Morsi's Islamist allies.
On Monday evening, around 100 protesters milled around outside the presidential palace - a focus for earlier opposition demonstrations which the army has now surrounded with concrete blocks and ringed with tanks.
The president has said he is trying to safeguard the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak last year, but critics calling for large turnouts at Tuesday's protest accuse him of acting like a dictator.
NSF chief co-ordinator Mohammed ElBaradei said the "sham" draft constitution defied Egyptians' "basic rights of freedom".
"It doesn't establish proper democratic systems, so at this stage at least we have decided that we are going to continue to fight tooth and nail against the referendum," the Nobel prize winner told the BBC's Newsnight programme.
Meanwhile, Mohamed Soudan, foreign relations secretary of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, said Mr Morsi was constitutionally bound to go ahead with Saturday's vote because the date had been announced by the constituent assembly.
Mr ElBaradei would not go so far as to call for a boycott of Saturday's vote, but said he hoped the turn-out at Tuesday's protests would persuade Mr Morsi to postpone the referendum until consensus was reached through dialogue on a "proper, democratic" constitution.

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